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Terrill Hoffman
04-13-2001, 11:10 AM
OK gentlemen, does anyone know where can find or have made some step drills. I want to make a few sets of handgun grips to match my knives and most patterns require a step drill for the grip screws.

Roger Gregory
04-13-2001, 12:34 PM

Click the TKS link above the Supply Centre and you'll find step drills there.

Some folks make their own I believe. I buy them....


Bill Foote
04-13-2001, 06:31 PM
Check the Step Drill thread in the Folding Knife Forum.

04-13-2001, 08:45 PM
Terrill,what size do you need I may have some I can give you.Dave

04-16-2001, 04:48 AM
have you thought about just using two to drill the hole and an oversize?

Terrill Hoffman
04-18-2001, 09:46 AM
So far no luck. I need a letter "J" drill (.277) stepped down to a letter "C" (.242) for 3/8". I don't know why the gun makers had to pick such odd sizes. But on a 1911 you need a flat counterbore for the head of the grip screw.

Don Cowles
04-18-2001, 12:34 PM
Terrill- Check with MSC. They sell counterbores with replaceable pilots; should be able to put together whatever combination you need.

04-19-2001, 08:35 PM
Sorry, Terrill the nearest that I can get to that is .281" to a .155".If I can be of service,let me know.Dave

Terrill Hoffman
04-20-2001, 05:52 AM
Thanks Dave but I think I'm just going to have to go the hard way and have them made.

06-05-2001, 08:05 PM
The two drill method works for me. I set my depth stop so the point of the drill will stop where I want the flat shoulder in the hole. I then take another bit the same size and grind the point off, stopping just short of grinding it completely flat. This bit will square up the bottom of the hole. Try it on a piece of scrap first to see if it works for you.

Terrill Hoffman
06-06-2001, 08:33 AM
Thank you gentlemen, one of my projects right after the Blade Show is to start a few sets of grips to match some knives I'm getting. I have my wife convinced that it adds value to have matching sets of handguns and knives. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy both. She won't be pricing them till after I'm dead and gone so what will she do to me then?

06-06-2001, 09:46 AM
Terill, I'd be very surprised if Brownell's did not have the precise size step drill you need for the grips. right their alley.

Bob Warner
06-06-2001, 06:44 PM
Remember to tell Brownell's that you are a knife maker. You will get the dealer pricing on everything.