View Full Version : looking for a .223 size drill vit

Nathan House
06-13-2001, 12:35 PM
I am looking for a .223 for holes on my tang,so the corby bolts will work through the female part on a corby is .218
I want a snug fit .give me so input
thanks,do you know were I can get some.

06-13-2001, 01:51 PM
Find a hardware store that carries wire gauge numbered drill bits. The #1 is .228 and the #2 is .221. These are the closest ones I've seen to .223.

Good Luck.

Mike Conner
06-13-2001, 02:00 PM
Doug is right on track, the .221 will work fine. I have access to metric drill bits and sometimes use a 5.7mm bit which is about .224, but after they wear a little I usually get a .223 hole in the tang.
If you can't find a #2 bit send me your address and I'll send you one.

C L Wilkins
06-15-2001, 06:47 AM
Any of the suppliers below should have what you need.


&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Wholesale Tool Co.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp (
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Michigan 800-521-3420&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Indiana 800-551-2251
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Massachusetts 800-343-1008
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp North Carolina 800-438-3580
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Oklahoma 800-331-4075
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Florida 800-237-4689
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Texas 800-231-4585
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp MSC Industrial Supply Co.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp (
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Call: (800) 645-7270
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Fax: (800) 255-5067
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp See website for locations
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Enco&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp (
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Tel: 800-873-3626
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Fax: 1-800-965-5857
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp J&L Industrial Supply
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Tel: 800 521 9520
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp IGF Industrial Supply Company&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp (
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 101 Coin St. at I35W
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Ft. Worth, TX 76140
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Tel: 800-657-8925
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp