View Full Version : Trial Run to Twin Blades

01-26-2005, 10:16 PM
John & I just returned from a trial run down to the Twin Blades Knife Shop. This is the shop of Charlie and Harry Mathews. The shop is located in rural Bulloch County (close to Statesboro). The drive from our house is only about 40 miles but it surely was nice. Guys you are in for a treat to see this shop. I wish my house was as neat. And the rural setting is great. I got up close with 3 deer on the way in. They were just standing along the side of the road trying to decide if they wanted to pull out in front of me. Thank goodness they thought better of it.

Charlie and Harry have a great setup for the meeting. There is plenty of room inside and out so if the weather is cooperative or not, we will have a good meeting. Next to the shop is an awsome cabin. Quite a few game trophies line the walls and I had the rare priviledge of seeing the very first folder made by Charlie Mathews. He was just a young fellow when he put together his first folder. His mom was so impressed with his talents that she has this particular folder mounted. I think I'll try to get a shot of it at the meeting for the next issue of Steel and Fire.

For our members that are interested, we will try to take knife photos for you and place them in the Gallery of the GCKG website. Even if you've already placed your work in the Gallery, be sure and bring knives to meeting. One of the best ways to educate is to have samples of your work for others to see.

John and I are looking forward to seeing all of you there. Harry and Charlie are very excited about hosting us.

See you Feb 19 in Statesboro at the GCKG meeting.

Robert Washburn
01-28-2005, 08:10 PM
Joan ,I`m looking forward to being there with a couple friends with me. Thanks Robert