View Full Version : Man! I just can't stop!

06-26-2001, 01:17 PM
Putting knives on my site! Just got in some Terry Hearn, and a John Kubasek under the Gallery. Also look at my newest makers Jens Anso and Eric Elson! Eric's knives are FLYING off my site!

And that Damascus tanto of Jens, I mean why has no one gotten it??? He now makes that in Damasteel for 40% more than the one on my site and that one WON an award!!! If you want to wait a year he might make you one.

And you need to keep coming back I am adding so many makers it's not funny. I may not have big names, but what I have is good solid craftsmanship at an affordable price. These knives are users and keepers! Some of them are just plain sweet!

Check out the Meerdink neck knives under Gallery, only way to get those cheaper is if you make them yourself!!!

And I am in the process of adding another 10 more knives of Terry Hearn's. All range below or a bit above the $100 mark. Keep your eyes peeled for a nice Damascus and Stag to go up today, the price is amazing, and workmanship second to none!

Well what at you waiting for?? You're not at my site yet??? ;-)