View Full Version : Neil Ostroff hurt!

12-28-2004, 05:55 PM
This comment came via Coop on USN and he said to go ahead and post it here.

Here's hoping for a quick recovery for Neil.



I am posting this note on Neil's behalf. ( He had a fall on the ice and suffers from a concussion, a hairline fracture on his skull, and a dislocated jaw.

On top of that he and his family had a stomach virus on Christmas. Not a great weekend.

Neil wrote to me he is completely OUT OF IT and is bedridden. He hears the phone and can't do a thing right now. Not his usual attending self. His email was almost gibberish, but he asked me to post in his absence.

Please wish him well, and if you have an order you are inquiring about, please be patient. He's not ready to work at the phones or the computer for a short while. He's hurtin' pretty bad. Knives will be there when he returns. I trust you'd understand. :)

Get well Neil!!