View Full Version : Site Update....I even got one of those Dogman Knives

Les Robertson
09-03-2001, 08:29 PM
Well it finally happened. Bob Doggett would not return my phone calls and emails, so I had to get one from someone else.

It will be here later this week.

I had no idea Bob had ever made a $3,000 knife.

But I was told thats what Bob gets for this knife. It must be the nicest utility knife in the world!

Since Bob is a CKD favorite, Im only asking 10% over my cost, $3,300.00. Now that's a steal!

In addition to Bob's Gem!

Picked up:

Geno Denning GM Hunter
Rob Simoinich Pikuni (D-2)
Bob Lum Stalker
3 new ones from Schuyler Lovestrand
Also, 8 new knives from Al Polkowski.

I currently have the largest inventory of available Al Polkowski knives on Planet Earth!

Most of these are 440V (available exclusively from Robertson's Custom Cutlery).


09-03-2001, 11:10 PM
OK, I'm scared now. Considering I have only made three Utilities, and two of those were within my first ten knives, perhaps we need to trade one of my new $5000 knives for the older $3000 knife.

***hand over eyes...peeking out...afraid to look***