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12-03-2004, 05:28 AM
Tomorrow, Saturday, Dec 04 is the meeting of the Georgia Custom Knifemakers' Guild. Carl and the Board of Directors has set up another time of opportunity to learn from some good demos that are scheduled. Also, as a special treat, Pop (Pop's Knife Supply) will be paying us a visit and, you know when Pop travels he has all sorts of "treasures" in the back of his truck.

Jamey and Lelia Saunders are hosting the meeting tomorrow. If you need directions you can e-mail Jamey ( or John ( . Below is the agenda for the day.

For our members, Jamey has a designed a nice "members benefit" into our website. He has worked very hard at developing the new site and providing a means for the Guild to be a benefit to YOU.

John and the other members of the Board of Directors are looking forward to seeing you guys there tomorrow. If you know anyone interested in becoming a part of our organization invite and bring them along with you.

See you guys tomorrow.

Georgia Custom Knifemakers? Guild
December 04, 2004

8:30 ? 9:30 Director?s Meeting

9:30 ? 10:00 Knife Examinations for membership

10:00 ? 10:30 Welcome and General Meeting

10:30 ? 11:00 Shop Safety?Ken Simmons

11:00 ? 11:45 Hollow Grinding?Dean Gates

11:45-1:15 Lunch and Iron in the Hat

1:15 ? 2:00 Spiral Fluting ?John Poythress Custom Knives

2:00 - Website?Jamey Saunders

12-03-2004, 06:05 PM
Is everyone that is attending a member of the Guild? I guess I'm asking if the public are welcome.
I'm just getting into knife mods/knifemaking, and I would love to attend.
Where is the show being held? Where can I find more info? Thanks bud.

12-03-2004, 06:06 PM
Please email me direct at
I would LOVE to hear back from you. Look forward to your response.