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01-22-2001, 03:12 PM
I may soon be having need to ship frequently to the UK, and was wondering if there are any restrictions, tarrifs, taxes, etc. that I should be aware of?
Can anyone give me an estimate of what it costs to ship to places such as Britan, Scotland, Ireland, ...?
I really have no idea what intl. shipping like this costs or entails, so any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. (
Stephen L. Pryor

01-22-2001, 04:52 PM
We ship all over the world. I always go to the shipping sources to compare. (BTW - we've had the least difficulties with the US Post Office vs. "carriers" when we've shipped outside the country.)
You can check out UPS at (
The US Post Office at (
Airborne Express (Purolator in some countries) is (
FedEx is (
I've found most of my answers on the Internet, but a few times I have had to call them for clarification.
Not knowing exactly what you will be shippping makes it difficult to give you a better answer.
Good luck.

Roger Gregory
01-22-2001, 06:45 PM

I will get the exact details for you on what Her Majesty's Customs & Excise do with knives when they reach the UK. That will tell you what your customers can expect over here.

There are no restrictions on shipping as long as things are packaged securely. Marketing something as a 'fighting' or 'combat' knife is probably unwise, automatics, switchblades, gravity knives and suchlike are also a problem. Swords, matchets and axes, no problem at all!

I have had parcels from USPS and Fedex mostly. No preference either way.

Right, I'm off to find that stuff I posted on rec.knives when I was shocked at the costs.


01-22-2001, 07:28 PM
Thanx for the information guys. I figure I'll probably go with usps, and I almost ship things
Priority, insured, signed receipt. Didn't get much from usps's site, but that it may be extremely expensive going abroad. Almost the cost of some of the knives, so may have to weigh this one out.
I'd still like to see what UK does with them when received though. Get as many facts as possibly befor jumping in.
Thanx again guys...and gals.


Roger Gregory
01-23-2001, 01:27 PM
This is a message I posted a while back on rec.knives

"A while ago I promised to find out the definitive position on Duty and
VAT when importing knives into the UK from outside the EU. I have talked
to Customs & Excise and obtained the Tariff Classifications for knives,
discussed the procedure and then checked the information on their

"To work out how much you will have to pay please follow the steps

[NB: Purchase Price Abroad (PPA) = cost (inc. any local Sales Taxes) +
postage, packing and/or freight + insurance]

1. Look up the item's Duty Rate % and VAT %.
2. Multiply the Purchase Price Abroad (PPA) by the Duty Rate %. This
gives you the amount of Duty to be paid. Call this AMOUNT A.
3. Add AMOUNT A to the PPA and multiply the result by the VAT %. This
will give you the amount of VAT to be paid. Call this AMOUNT B.
4. Add AMOUNTS A & B together and that will be how much you have to pay."

The bad news is that the Import Duty applicable to knives is 8.5%.

So, a ?50 knife (incl. shipping) attracts ?4.25 Duty and ?9.50 VAT,
turning it into a ?63.75 knife.

Oh, then the Post Office asks for ?1.20 for collecting the Duty and VAT,
but at least they deliver instantly rather than you having to wait for
Customs to process a cheque and release a parcel.

Don't stab the messenger!"


01-23-2001, 03:29 PM
Roger, thank you. This looks to be another major piece of information I'll be needing. Although it may end up being cost prohibitive, this will help me determine the feasibility of this venture.
I thank you. This is very helpful.