View Full Version : 16 th annual Flint River Knife Show

Rade L Hawkins
02-25-2001, 02:05 PM
Well the Flint River Knife Show is now history . We had a good show and all exhibitors seem to be pleased. All that I talked with said they would be back next year.


Awards were given to all major catagories including best fixed blade, best folder, and best of show.
Keith Kilby won best fixed blade with a small damascus bowie.
Rade Hawkins took best folder honors with a pearl handle side lock.
Chris English received best of show with an all damascus interframe Ivory handled automatic.
Best custom collection went to Tom Goble with his display of Ron Little knives.
Awards were also given to factory knives in the same catagories.
Make plans to exhibit or attend next years show in Feburary 2002.

Terry Hearn
02-25-2001, 11:22 PM
Rade Hawkins never met em, but he must be a pretty good knifemaker to get that best folder award:) Congratulations Rade.

Rade L Hawkins
02-26-2001, 12:16 PM
Terry are you forgetting the blade show 2000 or am I getting you mixed up with another Terry Hearn from Texas

Terry Hearn
02-27-2001, 04:26 AM
Nope , I'm the only one from Texas, hope to see you again at the next blade show too.:) I think my daughter might have a few knives ready for this show to.