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08-30-2004, 11:01 PM
I was thinking that there are a lot of Busse collectors out there. I'm one myself. I also use them. I don't have a job where I can make up an excause to use a blade. Actually all blades are forbidden at work. I have to make reasons on the weekend. Hiking, camping and when we can some of us get together just to sit around a campfire. I live in the country but still have to make reasons to take INFI outside. What do the rest of you do with your blades? Do you have a genuine need and use for them or do you have to manufacture reasons to chop, cut and pry?
Are all your blades just safe queens? I have a few variants or older Busse blades that fit in that catagory. My NO-E and SH-E get the lions share of use.
Currently they are sitting in the safe and my Ratweiler is being carried.
So how about it? What do you use and what do you do with it?

08-31-2004, 06:05 PM
Good question Mike - I don't have any "collector" Busses, and the only Rats I ever had which might become collectible were two InfiCoots (which I sold along with some sheath work).
BUT I do carry the little PR I got from wetdog, the one with ironwood handles. In my canted crossdraw sheath it rides very quietly, and seems to find a use around the house or yard every day.
I used to take my HR along on trips to NM and Arizona, but the Coot seems to find it's way more lately.
I now have a new NO and Ratweiler, but these willbe saved for sheath modeling -- any chorethat needs the bigger blade iwll be handled by the Tramp. We have almost an acre of pines and aspen that keep getting in the way of where my wife wants her flower garden, and the Tramp makes some pretty short work of going thru these soft-woods.
When I first got my HR I tried using it in the kitchen, and found it does a pretty good job there, but not as good as much thinner blades made specifically for kitchen work. So the Rats stay out of the kitchen. (BTW if youhappen to find someof the older beat up Gren Rivers at your local gun shows, grab a couple. Only a couple of bucks, but they really do the job in my kitchen!)
NOW, if Les ever holds a Busse reunion in Alaska (or the Dakotas) I'm sure I'll find lots more work for the Tramp and the HR :D


08-31-2004, 07:18 PM
I dont have any busse knives, but I use my knives for almost everything. theres hardly ever a situation you cant make an excuse to use them. In public however, you gotta play it down a LOT.