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Rade L Hawkins
03-14-2001, 04:58 PM
The Crucible steel rep for this this area came by today and spent some time with me. We disuussed what is going on with Crucible and what is in the near future for us as knifemakers. Some good things are happening. A full line of blade steel is now being stocked in the Dallas office some in Tampa and Los Angeles. Dallas deing your best bet for CPM stuff.

The CPM3V is getting an upgrade to stainless with out loosing any of it good properties.#1-toughness#2-edgeholding
#3-ease of working in comparison to the 440-V (S60V) and 420-V (S90V). I will be getting some as soon as it is available for a test and will advise you all of the results.--Rade

03-14-2001, 06:10 PM
Did your rep talk to you about the new CPM with 12.5% Vanadium! My guy in Detriot sent me a little info on the new stuff a while back. Sounds like Crucible is really going to put some good stuff in our hands!

03-14-2001, 06:19 PM
Is that the s125v I've been hearing about?

03-14-2001, 09:12 PM
Rade,I didn't know Crucible had a branch in Orlando.Got a number or address?Dave

Rade L Hawkins
03-14-2001, 09:13 PM
The new steel I was talking about was the CPM3V. The present composition is not considered stainless. The alloy will be changed to make this a stainless variety. This should make this a more desirable steel for humid or coastal regions. I don't know if any of you have used any 10 V or 15 V but let me tell you it doesn't get any better edge holding than these two steels. I have made a few knives out of 10 V and it is by far the worst steel I have ever ground. You just can't remove much of the surface with any of the belts including the ceramics. It has 2.45% carbon and 9.75% vanadium. I have not made a blade from the 15 V but I am told it is much harder to work than the 10 V. The 15 V has 3.45% carbon and 14.5 % vanadium. I dont even want to try this one. We did talk about modifying the 154CM to include some vanadium and possibly some nickel to compete with the BG42 but this was just talk. The thing I like about Crucible is that they are willing to make small quantities of some special steel for a relative small group of customers. We need more companies to work with us this way.

Rade L Hawkins
03-14-2001, 09:28 PM
Dave I made a mistake. I guess I had the guild show on my mind. The crucible service center is in Tampa-800-365-1159
I apoligize for the confusion--Rade

Bob Warner
03-25-2001, 08:46 AM

Do you or your Crucible rep have any contact information for the Dallas location? I would like to talk to a Dallas rep if possible.

03-26-2001, 02:35 AM
They're actually in Arlington. Great guys to deal with.

1101 Ave. H East
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone : (817) 640-7777
Toll Free : (800) 365-1168
Fax : (817) 633-8142