View Full Version : 2 Forged Neo-Japanese knives For Sale.

Jason Cutter
06-25-2004, 09:27 PM
Price discounted 10-15% off my usual list prices on this ! No reason, just wanted to reduce the price for a quick sale.

#1 - Imperial Kodzuka "Lite" - THIS ONE NOW SOLD !! THANKS.{997DF586-17E6-44DA-81FE-C942C7C812F1}&exp=f&moddt=38138.8169961458

#2 - Imperial Kurigata - 3.75inch blade, 8inch OAL, epoxied wrap on black leather underlay, gold plated menuki. Forged 3/16th inch thick stock file steel similar to W2, vivid hamon. Comfortable secure utility sized package.

Price $160 + $10-USD delivered.

Contact me on{45EC2383-22B8-45D5-A3B6-2DCEEB823D77}&exp=f&moddt=38138.8170001273

Thanks. Jason.

Jason Cutter
06-29-2004, 02:58 AM
Thank you. The Imperial Kodzuka Lite is now sold.

The Imperial Kurigata is still available. Thanks. Jason.