View Full Version : Stainless 440V or ATS-34?

10-17-2001, 09:20 PM
I have read what Wayne and many others have said in regard to the superior grain struction of CPMs. I am wondering if any makers have tested its strength at certain RCs, what there results were and how they arrived at this conclusions.

Is 440V the way of the future?

Is it that tough and that hard?

10-17-2001, 11:19 PM
THe CPM steels are the best as far as I'm concerned. I use Crucibles informative customer service people and data tables to save on experiementation though.

As for 440V it is good steel no doubt about it. Is it the wave of the future, I'd have to say no. There are some new alloys on the way that show some great promise. Specifically S30V which is basically a stainless CPM3V. This should be an awesome blade steel! Along those lines Crucible also has an S125V coming.

To much good stuff out there to settle on one as the way of the future. Personally I am grinding CPM10V more than ever.