View Full Version : 3 "puukkos" with sheath for sale

Johan Braadland
03-28-2004, 09:54 AM
I made these knives recently and decided to sell them.
All blades are 3 layer laminated, by Trond Pedersen, a proffesional bladesmith.

This knife is made of

A laminated blade by trond Pedersen, forged but polished finish.
Handle is curly birch, old oak, ebony, some kind of bone, spacers of vulcanized fiber and nickel silver.

Sheath is made of shaf leather.

Price is ?75 - THIS KNIFE IS SOLD!!!

Sheath of raw hind, with a small "pauting" at the top. Sheath is coloured black. The handle is made of birch burl, and oiled with danish oil.

Price is ?65 - included shipping

this is made of alder burl and the sheath is made of raw hind leather, with a belt loop rivit made of brass, by me. Blade by Trond
?70 - included shipping.

I accept cheques or transfer to bank
For closer payment details, PM me or mail me at

Best Regards


Johan Braadland
04-01-2004, 12:12 AM
The first knife, of oak and bone and stuffs is sold!

The two others are still for sale! They goes very cheap.