View Full Version : Red Cirrus forged 4inch Hunter For Sale.

Jason Cutter
01-01-2004, 09:13 PM
This is a lightweight hunter with a 4inch blade forged from an old file - 1095 carbon steel. This is one the rare ones I make in 1095 without a hamon. The guard is a Micarta-type synthetic that looks and works like buffalo horn but is super tough. the handle is an Australian Timber called Red Cirrus which has been stabilised. The sheath is a brown leather wet-moulded pouch.{F3DF9439-1AD4-4A6A-A2DB-5CA6FCFE5252}&exp=f&moddt=37900.7866211227

The price is $195USD, delivered. I take PayPal. If interested please contact me by email -

Thanks. Jason.