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J. Neilson
12-31-2003, 05:02 PM
Here's a couple knives I haven't seen in awhile. A freind was trying to get into some knife purveying so I gave him a couple knives earlier in the year. Well, they've kept him deployed so often he hasen't been to any shows and is putting things on hold for awhile. I was wondering what I'd ordered when the box came.
Micarta Thorn,%20tan%20micarta.JPG
This Thorn has a 3" blade of satin finished 440C with "chaos" file work on the spine. The guard is nickle-silver with a black spacer and the handle is butterscotch micarta with copper/brass mosaic pin. Knife is shown with a leather pouch sheath by Tess.
Price is $150.00, plus shipping.

Black Micarta Quick
The black Quick, model #1, has a 3 1/2" edge quenched 1095 high carbon blade. The knife has mirror polished flats with satin finished blades. This knife (top)has black canvas micata scales with steel/brass "Loveless" style handle screws and a molded, angle carry, leather sheath by Tess.
Price is $100.00, plus shipping

These are two of my last three with the old logo.
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J. Neilson
01-05-2004, 04:50 PM
Both knives are sold...thanks.