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09-13-2001, 04:54 PM
I've made a dozen or so of these knives over the last couple years.. and have learned enough to actually make a DECENT knife or two also :-). Don't have pictures of those, keep giving them to friends too fast...

Made of 5160 coil spring, double quenched in oil (vegetable oil to be exact...), double tempered, and handles drawn with a torch to blue.
Convex ground, to 320 grit until I order some new belts and get some 400 and 600 belts...
The bottom one, though hard to see, the tail of the handle is fashioned into a leaf... see the other picture.

I just made these four, and am thinking about actually selling them...
Was hoping to get some opinions! I know they're not even close to much of the work I've been looking at here (And WOW am I impressed by you folks!). Thing is, I don't have a clue what to sell them for... $30? $50? More? Less?

Paul F.
Gunsmith, amateur blacksmith, amateur knifemaker.

09-13-2001, 05:14 PM
These knives are very different! You should try selling them at events where the reenact late 1700 through 1800's. I'm sure that you should be able to find web site on these events.

Good Luck,

Bob Sigmon

09-13-2001, 05:47 PM
Hi Paul,

A perfect way to get an idea of the general value of blacksmith knives would be to go to the makers who sell them. We have many members here at the CKD forums who do blacksmith knives.

Try The Neo-Tribal Forum (The Outpost) ( which is here at CKD.

Another good one would be Tim Lively's forum Primal Forges forum (

Yet another one would be Tai Goo's forum The Crucible (

Also The Outpost II (Tribal Smiths Forum (

Please understand that I am not telling you that you should go to these areas instead of here at the Display Case forum. I am merely suggesting that the folks in the aforementioned forums make blacksmith knives and would be more capable of telling you what you can expect to get for them.

By the way, thanks for sharing the pics.

09-13-2001, 06:53 PM
Thanks for the links & tips!
I'll check around there and see what I can see.. :-)

Unfortunately, I'm in a somewhat remote area with very little reenactment type activity here..
But a fine idea if there is one within reasonable distance!

I'm hoping to get enough for these to afford some grinding belts to make some more knives... It's a vicious cycle, isn't it :-)

Paul F.

09-13-2001, 09:42 PM
Those are defenintly different, and very nice work at that.

Dana Acker
09-14-2001, 07:53 AM
Nice blacksmith knives, Paul. I think those kinds of knives are really neat. For a new maker and for that type of knife, I think the $30.00 to $50.00 range sounds about right. Good work, keep at it. Hey, feel free to post the pictures over on CKD's Outpost forum--there's a link to it in a post above. We always like to see new work. Come over and say howdy.

09-21-2001, 05:55 PM
I've made several knives almost identical to those in your pic, also from 5160. I was thinking of offering them for $50 or $60. They sure are an economical way to hone one's forging skills; at least that's how i've been thinking about it. Best of luck.

09-22-2001, 06:34 PM
Pretty much what I'm using them for too... forging practice :-) ... and hopefully to fund some more grinding belts and (dare I even hope...) a new contact wheel to replace the caster wheel I'm using...

I just finished rough grinding two knives like this out of welded cable... And three more of 5160... At least I'm starting to get faster at drawing out the handle.

Now I just have to find someone who wants to buy 'em... I was thinking of eBay, but I doubt that's the best venue.

Paul F.

09-22-2001, 06:36 PM
Since you have a private email, please send me an email Paul, Re: selling your knives!