View Full Version : Castle Hayne Here We Come

11-07-2003, 09:34 AM
What a hectic Friday. But at least I was wise enough to request a day of leave to get us ready. In just a couple of hours John & I will begin our trek North and Eastward towards Castle Hayne NC (just outside of Wilmington) from Georgia for the fall meeting of the NCCKG.

We love going north for these. John always enjoys and learns from the demos put on at the meetings. Thanks Andrew for all the time and effort it takes to line these up.

It is always good to see our friends from my birth state and it is a special treat to be able to go back home (Wilmington). Look out Bill & Brenda here we come. Thank you for your willingness to host this one. We have been there once before and enjoyed that one so much and we know this one will be no different.

See you guys in a few hours!

John & Joan