View Full Version : At Last A Knife!!!

10-18-2001, 10:11 PM
Having the shop down for a month has been tough!! I am finally getting some finished work coming out. I sent 3 of my prototype "Two Fingers" neck knives to Circle P Knives and did not get pictures.

This one just came out tonight. I haven't sharpened it or marked it yet. Blade is CPM10V 2 1/2" long with a full flat grind and file worked spine. Blade is hand rubbed to 600 grit finish. Scales are Cocobolo. Overall length is 6 1/4".

What do you think?

10-19-2001, 12:00 AM
Nice!! Glad you're up and running again, too. :) Now, where's the balance? Did you drill out your tang? I made a small fixed blade and ended up drilling and tapering to get it right. It ended up in the bin.

(As an aside, while your picture scrolled down it reminded me of a blade I sketched out a while ago with a similar handle shape but with a clip point blade, so I expected to see a clip on yours. Funny how the eye expects one thing and takes a second to recognize what's really there.)

10-19-2001, 09:06 AM
Tom, balance is right at the front screw. I don't know if I will get to offer this one for sale. The wife got a hold of it last night and has not let go!:) :)

She needs a good knife too I guess!