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Rik Palm
11-27-2001, 01:18 PM
I might be Stepping out on a limb...... But thought I'd share....

About a year ago my family went for a wonderful hike in the desert. I shared many very special moments with my son that day, it was a good day.

I came up with this idea afterwards.

I call it "Camp Fire" It's a personal ritual knife that has a very limited purpose.
Some people give me a confused look or laugh when I explain it to them.

I imagine that its different for everyone but I will look forward to bringing it to the campfire and unwrapping it to the pungent smell of desert lilac that is hidden in one of the sheath's pockets. My son's smile was huge, as we both bounced around and collected it, its clearly visible to me.

Memories are so wonderful.

I forged the blade with a heavy texture to give it the essence of it's individual character.

It's not much of a blade.

But it will allow me to dream whittle. I enjoy remembering the climbing up high on the desert mountain wall through rocks and catus, we were both alittle winded but the .... View .... the Quite .... Together we built a life circle on an out cropping of rock.

I might have gone to far with the sheath but I don't care, it just felt right.
I used Deer, horse, cow, buffalo, pheasant, copper, brass, tin, bone, seed beads, my heart and 1084 tool steel to make the "Camp Fire"

I didn't intend it to be worn, just packed away, but went ahead an put a leather cord on it. (

a close-up of the top (

a close-up of the bottom (

a close-up of the fringe bottom (

the horse hair kinda arcs out, close-up of side view (

Camp Fire is held together but a strip of buckskin wrapping around the whole thing (

On the inside there's 2 small flap pockets on each side. (

The top center flap has a cut out to hold the knifes tail, it justs swings up and over revealing the knife. (

Close-up of the knife's tip, you can just make out the temper line. (

Close-up of the knife's tail, it was textured before scrolling (

another overall view. I really wanted to put it on the web site but oh well (

Bob Warner
11-27-2001, 06:37 PM

Thanks for sharing the story. In this forum, there is no going too far out on a limb. Actually, abnormal is normal here (did that come out right?). Special memories can be more fully remembered with something you can touch and feel. Your knife definately fits the bill. The sheath is very unique.

Looks like a cool combination for a cool memory.

11-27-2001, 06:58 PM
When you talk to your son in a decade or two, you'll find the true value of the knife. Thanks for sharing.