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Osprey Guy
09-18-2003, 05:38 PM
There's a new member from Turkey over in Newbies who's trying to find heat treat recommendations for a steel we don't see in the USA. I figured maybe this forum might be better suited for the question. Here's a copy of his post and available specs. Anyone got any ideas?


can anyone look at these and find clues of heat treating a knife of this steel?

Category Type Functional unit
Metals ferro Steel (high grade) kg


Property Min Max Unit
Young's modulus 210000 210000 MPa
Shear modulus
Tensile strength 1100 1300 MPa
Elongation 10 10 %
Compressive strength
Creep strength
Bending strength
Hardness 57 62 Rockwell
Impact strength
Yield strength 900 900 MPa
Thermal expansion 12.3 12.3 e-6/K
Thermal conductivity 50 50 W/m.K
Specific heat 500 500 J/kg.K
Melting temperature 1540 1540 ?C
Glass temperature
Service temperature
Density 7830 7830 kg/m?
Resistivity 0.23 0.23
Breakdown potential
Electrochemical potential -0.45 -0.45 V
Dielectric loss factor
Friction coefficient
Refraction index
Water absorption

(Fe rest, C 0.47-0.55, Cr 0.80-1.20,V 0.07-0.20, Si 0.17-0.37, Mn 0.50-0.80, S <0.040, P <0.040 (wt.%))

50CRV4 - This is a steel with very small amounts of Vandium and Chromium. Chromium in higher quantities lends to a steel's "stainless" properties. However, in 50CRV, there isn't enough to make it "stainless" - and metallurgically brittle. Thus it makes a good spring steel. It contains trace amounts of Silicon and Manganese. The tensile strength is equeled to CK55 and CK50 is about 600 N/mm2, while 50CRV4 ranks about 750 N/mm2.

Jerry Hossom
09-18-2003, 06:37 PM
Maybe one if the smiths will join in here, but the formula is pretty simple. It looks a lot like 6150. (0.5% C, 0.8% Mn, 0.3% Si, 1.0% Cr, 0.15%V)

Schedule for 6150 is harden at 1550-1650F. Oil quench and temper for 2 hours at 400F for Rc55.

09-22-2003, 02:42 PM
Hi, the following data is from the "Key to steel". All temperatures given ?C (degree Celsius).

1.2241 (51CrV4)

Hot forming temperature: 850-1050?C
Soft annealing: 670-710?C
Hardening: 820-850?C, quench in oil
Tempering: 180-300?C

Hardness: (HRC)
Hardened 56 HRC
... 100?C 56 HRC
... 200?C 54 HRC
... 300?C 51 HRC
... 400?C 47 HRC

It is a steel commonly used for screwdrivers.



Jerry Hossom
09-22-2003, 03:35 PM
Is there a difference between 50CrV4 and 51CrV4? I assume there is. Typo?

09-22-2003, 04:30 PM
The difference is marginal. The numbers "50" resp. "51" only provide information about the carbon content of the steel.

I don't think there is a difference. I chose data of the "tool steel" 1.2241, there is also a structural steel (1.8something) with the same alloy, but I do not have additional information on that at the moment.




09-22-2003, 04:47 PM
1.8159 is 50CrV4, a spring Steel i think 1.2241 (51CrV4) is a tool steel. Anyway the temperatures are correct for both.