View Full Version : The NCCKG Racks Up Again!!!

06-15-2003, 07:46 PM
John & I have just returned from the Blade Show in Atlanta---AND WAS IT GOOD!! But what reall made it GREAT was to see members of the NCCKG rack up on all the awards.

Ron Newton walked off with the awards for the "Best of the Rest" category and the coveted "Best of Show" with his Bowie pistol. Also he won the ABS Bill Moran Award with his replica of a Samuel Bell Antique Bowie--this was the piece that Mr. Moran himself set down as the type to be built and judged. Another cool thing about Ron winning the ABS Bill Moran Award is (and I believe this is accurate) that this makes him the first knifemaker to sweep all of the ABS Awards. WAY TO GO RON!!!!

To make things even better Tommy McNabb was awarded the Dr. Lucie Award. I had to do some research on the Dr. Lucie Award and got to talk to Dr. Lucie himself--who I throughly enjoyed talking to. I will have a whole write up on all that Dr. Lucie told me about the history of this award and what it represents in this month's Billets & Blades. In getting around to talking to Dr. Lucie, I got to talk to a couple of other ABS guys and you know they treated this ole stock removal, knifemaker's wife just like I was one of them. It was really cool.

Then to our great pleasure Dan Johnson, long time NCCKG supporter was awarded an honorary lifetime membership in ABS.

All of this is so exciting but I don't want to leave out all the "sights and sounds" of the show. It was a lot of fun to see old friends and make new ones. Beside John & me at the show were some guys from the Society of Brazilian Knifemakers. They had some great pieces on the table and had a really good show. They did not speak much English so it was to their benefit that their table was next to shy, retiring, wall flowers like John & me (ha ha). These guys are the only ones who have ever told me I talk to fast.

Koji Hara was there and we picked up our conversations from where we left off from our show last September.

Saturday night we had a crowd get together at the Olde Mill Steakhouse for supper. The Van Hoys, a couple of their friends, Ken & Nan Simmons (new into forging) Dean & Laurie Gates (beginning knifemakers), Terrill Hoffman and his side-kick, Mike---Mike does not do well with photography but if you need help on taxes he is the man to see. John & Robert Horrigan--Robert is just back from serving us in Iraq, Ron Newton, Tommy McNabb, Dan Johnson, Alan & Mary Folts and a couple of their friends and Tom Matthers made up the gang. The food here is really good and they give you plenty of time to enjoy each other's company.

By Sunday afternoon we were all ready to go home. It was so much fun. For those of you who did not make it--we noticed and missed you. Mark you calendars now for the SouthEastern Custom Show coming up September 06 & 07---we can just continue from there.

See you guys in Winston-Salem

John & Joan