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01-08-2001, 12:06 PM
I was looking around for a board to share a recent experience with Spyderco, and darned if someone didn't get here first. Nevertheless...

Last Spring I ran 110 volts through the blade of my new Military Model (don't ask how) and mucked the blade up. I contacted Spyderco--they said send the knife and $25 and they would fix it. I sent the knife and money, and since I was sure warranty repair wasn't at the top of the Corporate priority list, I waited patiently. In July I talked with Spyderco again and they said they were sending me a knew knife. I will leave out most of the particulars here, since I don't want to be typing all morning, but the short of it is, after waiting several more months I called the warranty dept, gave them the history of my lost knife, reminded them they still had my knife and $25, and asked again for their help. This time I got more information--the knife had been tracked to my previous address. I contacted UPS, and was told the UPS delivery person insisted he had given to knife to someone at my previous address. This occured at a time the house was vacant. After looking into it further, it seemed pretty certain the knife had been filched. I filed a police report, informed UPS of my action, and called Spyderco again. They assured me they would send out a new Military Model, and they did.

The knife arrived today, and I had forgotten how nice a knife this is. I have heard early Military Models had some fit and finish problems, but boy did they ever get things right. This knife has superb fit and finish, and opens a lot easier than many of my Spyderco knives. This company, in my opinion, really cares about quality control. Moreover, they stand behind their warranty, even if it takes them awhile.

01-08-2001, 05:09 PM

Spyderco and Sal Glesser, I have found always stand behind their products. I've spoken to Sal upon occasion and you can tell that he's a make the customer happy kind of guy.

Just so you know that Lum Chinese Folder isn't a Spyderco. It's a custom made by Robert Lum for me and the medium (I have a large) is the prototype design for the spyderco knife.