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04-19-2003, 05:30 PM
As many of you are already aware, Mr. Terry "Gator" Cash, a long time North Carolina Custom Knifemaker's Guild member passed away this year. Mr. Bob Rosenfeld contacted me today with a listing of equipment that Gator had and is now up for sale. Below is the e-mail listing the equipment and the contact information if you are interested in this.

Here is a list of shop equipment that is available from Gator's shop. If anyone is interested in any of this they can contact me (Bob Rosenfeld) at or Marann Cash at

N.C. 112 lb. anvil $300.00
NC 2 burner propane forge $250.00
Post Vise $100.00
Various Hammers $5.00 ea
12" Craftsman Band saw $100.00
14" Chop Saw 35.00
6X48 Bely sander (Craftsman) 100.00
Grizzly Mini-Mill withwith automatic
feed (Homemade) 350.00
Benchtop Drill press 1/2" 50.00
4" Bench Vise 75.00
Knife Vise 35.00
Heat Gun 5.00
also there are a lot of small items, (drills, and a lot of handle materials)