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03-14-2001, 09:55 PM
For some reason or other I can never reply to a thread with more than about 3 posts, so I will put my 2 cents worth in here.
Alex, without qualifiers, your question is tough.
My answer was going to be Bo Randall until I read what Les said.
Aw heck, my answer is still Bo Randall. The name still lives on. When I was guiding for big game in the 60's in central BC, the only "custom" knives I saw were Randalls. Today I can pick up an Issue of Blade and I see pictures of Randall's.


Les Robertson
03-15-2001, 11:00 AM

Ok, here is the "rub" as Tom Peters likes to say. You say Bo Randall is the best maker who has ever lived. However, you have never seen or held a knife that Bo acutually made.

What you have seen is work done by craftsman who the Randall's have and continue to hire over the years. So actually, your favorite maker is Bill, Tom, Jim, Ted, etc. or whichever employee of the Randall Factory made the particular style of knife you liked.

To further complicate things, many of the designs made famous by Randall knives, were in fact designed by customers. Take the Model 1 and Model 14, these were initially designed by customers.

I hate to belabor this point, but the category is "Best Custom Maker". In fact Randall knives are not considered custom knives. This is why they are associate members of the US Knifemakers Guild and not voting members.

GD, it would appear your frame of reference is skewed. Perhaps you should start a thread along the lines of "Custom Knife Makers Who Contributed the Most to Custom Knives".

This would bring a lot more makers into the mix. But make sure you indicate it needs to be at a national level and not "local" level.

Here is a start.

Bob Loveless
Bill Moran
Bo Randall
George Herron
WW Cronk
Rod Chappel
Michael Price
Michael Walker

Im sure I am forgetting others, but here is a good start.

03-15-2001, 11:32 AM
Hi Les,
I hear you. But I did mention the lack of qualifiers in Alex's question. My thought is that maybe I have not seen a true Randall knife, but he did start a wave bearing his name. I also think a lot of custom makers build blades designed by their clients.
I have always been a knife user, not a collector and I am brand new to making and I do appreciate your insights and have learned quite abit from your posts.