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03-12-2003, 09:45 PM
ok... Here are a few ideas i have... after using the liquid saulder repair method from balisongxtreme to fill the imprints made by the tang pin on the handles of one of my cheap bali's it gave me an idea... what if i were to use more liquid saulder to "glue" a copper rod(small) into the handle where the latch comes down... All ofcoarse to guard the blade from damage... Does anyone think this will work and agree with the idea?

Another is a mere question... Is it possible to get the screw type of pins at a hardware store? if so i think i can hacksaw out my old pins... vice the handles tight and then pop the screws in... Is this possible?

all help is greatly appreciated...

03-13-2003, 12:00 PM
Due to the swinging & banging involved, I wouldn't recommend gluing a latch stop into the handle. My fix was to drill through the handle and use a small finishing nail. Put it through the hole, cut it off with a little sticking out to work with and use a ball-peen hammer to round it off, using a vise or something to hammer against. The head of the nail should also be hammered a little or it will stick out some. It makes it look more finished. It's pretty much what Clay advises for replacing pivot pins. You will also have to round-off the bottom of the latch itself or it won't clear the pin. Before actually installing the pin, just put it in there and move the latch around. You'll see what I'm talking about. From where it hits on down will have to be cut. For future fix-ups on any CCC's that come my way I might try using a roll-pin instead. All that would be needed is to cut it off, no hammering.

As for the screws/pivots, check out They have what you're after, it just might be tricky figuring out what size(s) you need to match up with what's already drilled in your blade and handles. Also, the handle material on cheapy's is super soft and will wear out, especially at the pivots. At some point, the cost of the replacement parts will outweigh the cost to just buy another knife! A cheap trick I tried just yesterday to tighten-up my handles was to use the lid of a coffee can to make washers. Cut out circles that will be just big enough to stick out around your handles. Punch out a small hole in the middle and then cut a tiny little wedge out of it from the edge to the center so it will easily slip around the pivot pin. If there is only enough play between the blade and handle to fit a washer on just one side, do the other handle on the same side or your handle alignment will be off. Mine only needed one washer per handle. They won't last forever but they're cheap and easy to replace and they actually work pretty well!