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03-05-2003, 08:12 AM
Looking to buy or trade for a 110lb+ anvil in good condition. New, used, abused - as long as it's still got a good hardened surface and both Hardie and Pritchel (sp?) holes. English, German, Japanese, Norwegian Blue (obscure reference to Monty Python) doesn't matter at this point - just trying to find one that's affordable and in good condition.

I'm in North Carolina and wouldn't mind making a road trip into the neighboring states for the "right" deal. Call, e-mail or reply to post.


Mark Henry
(704) 721-6685

03-07-2003, 11:32 AM
Howdy. Just a thought. Check I think I saw an article there somewhere about using a 4"X10"X10" chunk of 4140 or 4150 steel as a knife making anvil. That size weighs something like 115 pounds or so, is available from steel retailors, and would cost around 120-150. Would be like a Japanese knife making anvil. 4"X 10" side would give plenty of room. Could be modified as needed. Seemed like a sensible option when I read the article. I have no idea how it would perform compared to a Peddinghaus, or other good quality anvil. But, it's comparitively cheap, and readily available. Probably the route I'll go if I can't find an inexpensive anvil myself. Good luck. Mark

03-07-2003, 11:46 AM
At anvilfire, the article is under "21st century". links to an article archive, article is under "low cost anvil" or some such.

John McPherson
03-07-2003, 06:42 PM
Actually, there was a guy in Concord, Charlie Medley, that I bought my anvil from. He deals in old tools, and has a collection of hundreds of miniature anvils to boot. Have not seen him in about two years. Neat guy.

Mr. Mikes store in Red Cross usually has an old anvil a couple of times a year. Also has big old circular saw blades, and junk of all sorts.

Lowder Scrap Metal in Albemarle occaisionally has anvils and forges set aside, ask the guys in the yard, the lady inside just handles the cash.

Twice a year there is the Big Lick Antique Fair at Hinson's Auction House, just below Red Cross, usually a few there, plus forges, etc.
Third weekends of May and October.

Every weekend is the Sweet Union Flea market on US 74 west of Monroe. Sometimes there are good old tools. I am told the flea market in Salisbury is better. Metrolina Expo has a four day extravaganza several times a year, with dealers that sell everything, but be prepared to pay top dollar.

Fourth of July week is the Old Theshers Reunion in Denton, with everything you can think of. Flatbed trailers of old tools under the trees, dozens of anvils.

Harbor Freight in Charlotte in the old Coliseum shopping center has the Infamous 110 lb Russian Anvil, sometimes for sale as low as $79, as well as chinese boat anchors.

Hope this helps.