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01-25-2003, 08:17 PM
John and I just got in from the January NCCKG meeting in Troy. For you guys who did not get to go, you missed one great meeting. Even with all the snow, there was a good turn out for the meeting. From Georgia, we only had some "black ice" after we got north of Camden on US #1. Other than that it was smooth sailing.

The weather was still pretty cold but the friendships were warm. We had a couple of new guys join the Guild---another Georgia boy joined the ranks----welcome Brent. Even though he was tired from the week and the drive, he said there was no chance of him getting sleepy on the way back to Savannah---he had just to much to go over in his mind with all he saw and learned.

John had just finished a Persian with a pearl inlay. The tips John got from Tommy McNabb's demo on doing a inlay will save John much time the next time he does one.

And it was sooooooo good to see Tim Scholls forging again. Tim has had a time with a long illness and has not been up to being at the anvil for a while. You could see the satisfaction and joy in his face to swing that hammer again. Glad you are much better Tim.

We got some pretty "interesting" shots of Andrew McLurkin and his demo. You will have to watch for the newsletter and let me know what you think he was doing (Charlie I want that picture).

Along with the meeting you guys missed some great food. The ladies always do a good job of putting together a great lunch. And of course lunch would not be the same without the yummy treats sent by Barry & Phillip Jones' mom. That lemon pound cake did just that---put a few pounds on me.

The next meeting will be April 12 - 13. It will be at the Montgomery Community College in Troy. It will be a 2 day meeting. There will be a couple of officers up for election. We sure do hope all of you can attend. John and I look forward to all of the meetings and seeing everyone.

See you in April------and thanks Andrew for another great job. You are astounding at putting together the meetings.


Barry Jones
01-25-2003, 10:50 PM
Glad to see that you all made it home safely.

It was great to see you and John again. You two really do put the mileage on your van when you come to the meetings.

It was also great seeing several other Georgia folks attend the meeting.

That little persian with the inlay that John made is very nice. He should be real proud of that one.

You really could notice Tim Scholl's excitement when he was hammering on that cable. He looked like the Tim we always used to see. I hope he keeps it up.

For those of you that didn't attend the meeting, you missed out on yet another great time. You should all plan on attending the spring meeting in april. You will be disappointed if you don't.

Andrew McLurkin
01-26-2003, 07:35 AM
Lemon Pound Cake!

It really was a great meeting. It was cool seeing Tim at the forge turning out a cable damascus blade.

Lemon Pound Cake!

I not sure who that is in the picture but its not me. 0]

Oh, did I mention the Lemon Pound Cake!