View Full Version : Stolen WD Pease knife...

12-10-2002, 11:46 AM

My good friend and purveyor Jack Feder asked me to post this for him. Jack (who goes by the name Knifemaster's), as you may be aware is a longtime purveyor of really fine Custom's.

This knife disappeared off of his table at the recent NYC Custom show. He's certain it was stolen. The spec's are 3 3/4" blade w/polished buffalo horn scales and lots of fancy filework. The lousy scan is taken from another lousy scan. The knife is exceptional and worth a lot.

If you recollect seeing this or do in the future, he will offer a reward. Please contact him at:

Knifemaster's - PO Box 28 - Westport, CT 06881 (203)-226-5211