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11-15-2002, 02:18 AM

Seems like all I have to say about anything is griping. I know how that sounds but in all actuality, I consider myself to be rather rich in those things that are important..............

A little story ;)

About three years ago, we ( my wife, three children and myself went to my wife Mom and Dad's place for thanksgiving. Her on the cost where we lived, it flooded. We came homw to find our home about five feet deep in water. My car had had a dead battery but was otherwise just fine. But my wife's parents had come down to get us so we had lef the car. It too was under water. Our home was a VERY NICE traval trailer,,,,,,, a total loss. Our car...... a loss. In fact, almost everything we had was ruined by the flood. All of my tools were flooded, some ruined beyound repair (all power tools lost) some of my fine hand tools had been stored in a rather nice box under the trailer, when the flood hit it took out the siding and everything under the trailer was washed away. We lost all of our family pictures, books movies, I mean almost everything. My wife and mother in law were both in tears. I shook my head but I told my wife, "it is only things hon, and the kids and us are alove and safe, we could have been here when it hit".

It has take these last three years to come back to having what we had than and still ther are many things that we can not replace, ever, but they were just things. My tools, and I am a tool freak, all gone or ruined, but hey, just more things. Since that time, I have had four heart attacks and a double by-pass. But that too was just another 'thing' and through it all, God has seen us through and has kept us rich in the love and supprt that can only be found in good friends and family.

I am now tring to get my business up and running, engraving and some silver smithing, and when I get so frustrated at our finances, I stop and take a minute to remember the picture in my mind of our rined home and all that it had ment to us,, Just things Clyde, and you know, you are still rich,,,,,,,,,,,, With the love of a good woman and three great kids.........


Tim Adlam
11-15-2002, 07:26 AM

Sometimes we forget that in a blink-of-an-eye our whole world can be turned upside down. Those curve balls can be harsh wake up calls for whats really important in life.

When the hammer falls...I'll remember your message of trial and faith.

You are rich, my friend!


11-15-2002, 10:53 AM
I forgot to add an important note too,,,,,, I am so very thankfull to have been able to add so many new friends (to my short list) that I have made right here on this site, Ya'll are really great!

Clyde / Falconhawk

Bob Sigmon
11-15-2002, 11:24 PM

I'm glad to have met you here. You story is an inspiration and helps to keep me humble and thankful for what I have. I often want more (tools, etc) than I can afford. I now can look around and be happy with where I'm at and happy that I have a great family and good friends.

I too have met some great people here on the CKD! What a great bunch of people.

It's good to know that your family is safe and that you been able to rebuild. Hopefully reaching an even better place!

Bob Sigmon

11-16-2002, 02:03 AM
Tell ya what, comming back from a real disaster is a long slow procee. I still have but few hand tools. I lost so much that had been my father's and those while they can be replaced, teh sentimental value can not. Things do thoug and are getting better.

We are still rebuilding and I sat down once to igure out just how long it would take,,,,,,,, figured it will take at least 5 years ro regain all that was lost. In all honesty though, a lot of what was lost we can really live without. A lot will not be replaced as it is not in the need catagory. As far as tools go, well,,,,,,, what I have now though fewer in number, mean so much more and are tools that I do need and use.

Still,,, it would be nice to have the newer GRS 'Monarch' hand piece.... ;)

But I still have my better half and the kids and we all have our health, a roof over our heads, food, transportation, and this nice (2 yr old) computer that I love to hate ,,,,,,,,,,,, lol