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Colin KC
11-01-2002, 06:35 AM
Being married to a Police officer, I get to hear all sorts of stories (some completely unrepeatable) but others quite funny.

It seems that some joker, caught for burglary, after being cautioned, said something quite clearly & in front of witnesses to the arresting officer who, of course, had to put the words in his report (mostly these are obscene or derogatory & as such do not rate much interest by colleagues)

But, on this occasion, word got round & by the time the case came up in court, most of the stations officers had wangled time off, or made excuses why they had to be in court (Crown court) on that day.

When the police officer had to make his statement of facts, you could have heard a pin drop when he paused & continued...

... "I read the defendant his rights & he replied "It's a fair cop Guv, you've got me bang to rights, it was me wot done it, slip the cuffs on & I'll come quietly."

This is the sort of thing you only hear in bad 1950's police dramas & warranted much interest by local media as well as by the arresting officers colleagues (who all burst into applause & had to be quieted by the Judge)

Bob Sigmon
11-01-2002, 06:22 PM
Only in the UK!

Over here it would be like watching "Cops" - barefoot, no shirt, piss drunk and belligerent!

Bob Sigmon