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  1. Thanks Shane and Chris!!! Smart men, they are!!!
  2. Welcome to "The Watering Hole"
  3. Alzheimer Test !
  4. Warning: R-Rated for nudity (and stupidity)
  5. Ring Making - Where to find info?
  6. Vegas
  7. My knives see more deer than me!
  8. Happy birthday Shane Ivie!
  9. we now have a fully qualified flight instructor in our ranks!
  10. Ceo !
  11. You know in hickville
  12. New Addition
  13. Olympic Absurdity
  14. Any Golfers Here?
  15. Common sense...we hardly knew ye
  16. Knockouts!
  17. Your defenders of the freedom, the American way & the Constitution
  18. Have you heard a good one lately?
  19. It's hard out there for a ninja ...
  20. Cars! Trucks! Bikes!! Whatcha Got???
  21. Call your broker
  22. A Step Back In Time
  23. Just wanted to know
  24. happy 4th everyone
  25. Started smoking again
  26. new guy
  27. Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is dead
  28. I'm a bone head!
  29. What an engineer!
  30. The new Retrosexual movement
  31. whats your day job?
  32. Issues with straight razors
  33. oxymorons
  34. New Tattoo
  35. The ultimate chainsaw (video)
  36. Way OT, any canadian pilots here?
  37. Roast your own coffee (lots of pics)
  38. Practice for Christmas roast
  39. Thanksgiving Sales Survival Tips:
  40. watch band repair
  41. The most wonderful time of the year!
  42. New York Border atrol
  43. Stay warm
  44. Men's Rules
  45. the dead kangaroo, nice couple and a new job(way long)
  46. Holiday Eating Tips
  47. Those serving in uniform during the holidays
  48. Jeeze!
  49. Tasteless but funny carols
  50. Vacation....glad to be back
  51. fun with gonne
  52. If you could start a company, what would it be?
  53. Ice
  54. recycling paper is bad for the environment!
  55. M&M Avitar generator
  56. Slide show
  57. the clock
  58. New jet pack video
  59. Cat & dog
  60. Nothing to do with knives
  61. Awb
  62. High tech logging in Montana
  63. New brand of ale
  64. Recovery from a Shop Fire
  65. Roger the wild
  66. There's a sucker born every minute. . .
  67. 1600's Water power hammers
  68. A story from my Flag Cronicals
  69. Welcome to the 2007 Masters!!!
  70. Vidoe from
  71. Get 'em while they're hot!
  72. A touch of daily cute
  73. Memorial Day
  74. ouch
  75. is it a post card or a TV (not a joke)
  76. Antler Knife
  77. Anyone here experienced with the bank side of repossessing a home?
  78. Brief story of a young man that saved the life of my nephew Josh and others.
  79. Oklahoma
  80. Look out, Barney Fife won't wear his shoes
  81. Carbide Rod-Source Of
  82. Blacksmith Conference
  83. Blacksmith movie
  84. Why I won't let my girlfriends play with my toys!
  85. is it DT's or just the shakes??
  86. An interesting version of the Statue of Liberty
  87. WWI Blog
  88. Finishing blade blanks
  89. Divided----food for thought
  90. What are your funniest pics w/captions?
  91. You'll love this new "flashlight"
  92. A Years Work in Print
  93. Joined the kilt wearing club
  94. Knife Hooks
  95. Quick message to all the custom knife makers on this forum.
  96. Anyone in Dallas interestedin a Forge building class?
  97. Great people on this site(suck up post)
  98. Improve youtube videos with some code
  99. Great Bloodlines
  100. Happy Birthday USMC
  101. Bob Warner calling rhrocker
  102. Any Excel programmers here?
  103. Superbowl recipes
  104. Green egg grills
  105. 4 feet 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number.
  106. In Honor of Those Who Serve
  107. Air skiing
  108. Dangerous content
  109. Have Nerf guns gone to far
  110. If you ever wondered what it was like to be in the Navy
  111. Another addition in grilling talks
  112. Gotta love 'um
  113. Searching REALLY OLD posts
  114. How swine flu really started
  115. Here is a deal you just can't pass up.
  116. The Rabbit and the Blonde
  117. Watch out Rambo - Bear Grylls has a knife now!
  118. If you believe in the man upstairs, I need your help.
  119. Latest Naval instruction
  120. The latest anti-personnel devices out of Afganastain
  121. Happy Father's Day!
  122. Anvil Launching
  123. Joke
  124. anyone here know about firearms?
  125. They know you to well when...
  126. Calling all craftsmen!!
  127. magazine city problems?
  128. vote for me please!
  129. Its Bow Time!!
  130. zipper club mambers
  131. Bob Neal - RIP
  132. Mini Rock Blasting system
  133. Sign You've been doing your day job too long
  134. New here
  135. Honoring the white buffalo
  136. Rocky Mountain National Park - October 2011
  137. Turkey Hangover - Stupid Turkey Cartoons
  138. Any Musicians here?
  139. Redneck of the Year - Pic Warning
  140. Candidate - Best Harley Award!
  141. Buzzzzzz!! Come on in...the door's open!!
  142. The secret to my success!!!
  143. Sheath and holster forum----?
  144. photo scavenger hunt ideas
  145. Friday the 13th knife?
  146. A Soldier's Christmas Poem
  147. Viruses, Malware, Hackers, and other BS introduced to my PC by low life scum
  148. Let's see your boomsticks!
  149. Bass Pro Shop
  150. I think I am developing GAS
  151. Happy Birthday Mr Robinson
  152. A band I was in back in the 90s resurrected
  153. please help
  154. Some Random Thoughts on Foosball
  155. Moving Right Along
  156. Blue Monday For Sure
  157. Hard pill to swallow
  158. Ok, so I Lied
  159. A Dose of Reality
  160. I Couldn't Make This Up
  161. Winter
  162. Alexa, play me some blues
  163. It's ok to post replies
  164. pro bowl today
  165. Something New
  166. "I think my cat died"
  167. Does Okra Grow on Trees?
  168. Parrot Won't Sing Florida-Georgia Line
  169. Will Elevator Shoes help with fear of heights
  170. This Years National Anthem
  171. Get Your Bets Down, Gents!
  172. missed this one by a mile
  173. Why Don't Girls Like Me?
  174. Family Reunions and Smart-Phones
  175. new addition to the family
  176. message to forum members
  177. Stormy Monday
  178. This Is Great!
  179. A New Look
  180. El Chapo and U.S. Justice
  181. "Do we need a new chandelier?"
  182. What's your weekend plans?