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  1. Tim and Mandi's Wedding
  2. Tim and Mandi's Wedding #2
  3. Happ New Year!!..and Chat news
  4. Anyone close??
  5. Question on "Natchez" bowie
  6. Damascus and Blackwood...
  7. Here is a picture of my question--
  8. Wed night chat is working again!!
  9. New Damascus Bolt Action Pens!
  10. This is what a "bad" day looks like!
  11. Making Lemonade from Lemons!
  12. Little Ironwood beauty w/ filework and texturing...
  13. Got my new drill press
  14. Forged hunter w/ 416 stainless and some premium buckeye burl
  15. Why I dislike Miluakee Portabands!
  16. Little Bird and Trout- 80CrV2, stag, and filework
  17. First Try at San Mai
  18. I May Be Gone for a Few Day folks
  19. Guess who made the local paper
  20. Bowie and a couple of Liner locks
  21. On the way
  22. 2014 Southern Alberta Hammer In
  23. Knives For Victory Auction #2 for Feb 2014
  24. Need some Prays for my Mom!
  25. Light weight forged hunter with some awesome redwood burl...
  26. Little Bowie/fighter- mini WIP
  27. March Knives for Victory Auction now active!
  28. 7" Bowie with some cool two-tone silky oak
  29. My chisel, or one sided false edge bowie
  30. Been a While since I posted....something new
  31. Newest Folder
  32. Mean little fighter- frame handle, take down
  33. 2014 Montana Mountain Summit is on!!!!!!!!!
  34. Forged hunter for Seattle w/ textured Blackwood and stainless
  35. Damascus Flipper " Chiron"
  36. Happy Easter to everyone!
  37. Tomahawk Handles and Drift
  38. 8" Bowie with Honduras Rosewood burl
  39. Damascus Bowie with some **PREMIUM** Koa!
  40. "Ragnar's Dream" begins
  41. A rather wordy review of the Seattle show (sorry no pics)...
  42. Something a bit different for me. My First
  43. Accordion Cut on Damascus Bullet
  44. May 2014 "Knives for Victory" Auction
  45. "Ragnar's Dream" is now reality
  46. And what is "Ragnar" without "Rollo"?
  47. Something a little more "traditional" least for me.
  48. And what to do with that leftover 1060 from "Rollo"....
  49. 2014 Blade Show Preview page is complete!
  50. Some thoughts on folders and "flippers"
  51. Damascus fighter with Koa
  52. Knives are in the travel case!
  53. Little Bird and Trout
  54. Nice little EDC/Utility with Bocote....
  55. First tomahawks and a hatchet
  56. Wet grinding setup
  57. Back from Blade.....
  58. Jesse Bartrum passes his JS Performance Test
  59. Montana Mtn. Summit in September...
  60. Damascus & Rosewood- small hideout fighter...
  61. Sneak Peak at my latest project...
  62. 2 Chiron Flippers
  63. Matching a yin/yang sort of way
  64. Slim little hunter/utility in W2 and Premium Koa...
  65. Emerging from work detail in North Idaho!
  66. Tiny forged hunter with spalted and curly box elder burl...
  67. MKA show
  68. Damascus Walrus Bowie
  69. New hunting hatchets in the works
  70. Hand Forged hunter w/ BEAUTIFUL amboyna burl
  71. Jet Turbine Style Mini Burner !
  72. Roughing out the hatchet handles
  73. ChopSaw table upgrade
  74. I finally made a folder!
  75. Clear examples of how not to make knives...
  76. Drop Point Hunter
  77. soldering
  78. S-guard Bowie- Bronze and textured redwood burl
  79. Finally got some finished
  80. New "Fossil" Damascus Hatchets are ready!
  81. Chopper hatchet set
  82. Small patch/utility with some awesome ironwood...
  83. Knives for Victory Auction (Oct) now active!
  84. Koa Bird and Trout
  85. Latest Batch of EBKs ready for Delivery!
  86. cutting tool
  87. New Angle Peen Hammers are Ready!
  88. Camp Knife
  89. Folding hunter with amboyna burl and hamon...
  90. My own personal hunter...raised clip w/ claro walnut
  91. Cru-ForgeV and Madagascar Rosewood
  92. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!
  93. Thanksgiving
  94. 2016 Bladesmithing/Knifemaking Classes
  95. Merry christmas from the caffreys!
  96. Finishing Plunge Cuts on the Grinder
  97. Last Gen2 Flipper of 2014
  98. New "How I do it" Videos page on my website!
  99. The knives from the latest "How I Do It" videos
  100. Tru oil
  101. Honduran Rosewood
  102. Beware of calls about Blade Show room reservations
  103. Mosaic Billet now for Sale
  104. Forged hunter-blackwood, filework, damascus fittings
  105. Hand files from Home Depot (Husky Brand)
  106. Flipper with damascus / Zirc / Mammoth
  107. Simple hunter/utility w/ two tone buckeye
  108. temps of blades
  109. "Orange Crush" now lives in Montana!
  110. A little knife in W2 and some unique Koa...
  111. My new (ish) 2x72 up and running
  112. Trying out the new tools!
  113. Yo from northh Idaho ,
  114. A quick video of the new forging tools
  115. Push to the Blade Show begins!
  116. Carving a Bowie Handle
  117. W2 folder with hamon and ironwood...
  118. history channel, forged in fire
  119. I have some step drills for sale
  120. Maker
  121. Update on Your Rolling Mill
  122. Ed - where are you?
  123. forge burner problems...
  124. Update Gen2 Folder
  125. Blade Show hotel reservation scams
  126. WIP.... building a new welding forge
  127. forge weld 5160 to 01
  128. A couple for the Blade Show
  129. KMG grinder converted to direct drive
  130. Wiring 2 motors to a Single VFD
  131. Christmas Special on Damascus Pens!
  132. Happy New Year to everyone!
  133. Having a little fun with Anodizing
  134. 2017 Blade Show Preview
  135. If he only had Thumbs!
  136. Knife Maker Training! A new platform to learn Knifemaking/Bladesmithing
  137. Plug Welding Anyone? :)
  138. Our first Knifemaking tool from KnifeMakerTraining!
  139. New Videos From KnifeMakerTraining Available!
  140. Building a SERIOUS vertical welding forge
  141. New Video From KnifeMakerTraining Available!
  142. 2018 Blade Show Preview