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Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild Photo Album
Photo's of Guild meetings and activities
Dennis Bradley during his demo of hollow grinding and grinding  tapered tangs. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 17               Photo by Nola Costin
No text. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 19       Photo by Nola Costin
Paul Hamler kicking off his demo on investment casting. See my comments on the next photo. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 116
I should have taken a photo of the contents of the case in the foreground. Paul Hamler does minatures. There are 1/3rd scale 'long rifles' and a Colt...
No text 
GCKG 2012 Summer 118
No text 
GCKG 2012 Summer 121
Folks watching Paul's demo. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 122
A local videographer shooting Paul during his demo.  
GCKG 2012 Summer 123
No text 
GCKG 2012 Summer 124
Paul discussing his process & techniques for a bronze pour/cast.  Yes, the little pink objects he is holding were cast of wax from a mold he made...
Paul preparing for a melt and pour. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 26      Photo by Nola Costin
The pour from crucible to flask.  Isn't that color pretty? 
GCKG 2012 Summer 27     Photo by Nola Costin
Paul Hamler Demo'ing.  The red 'table' is really a motorcycle lift pulling double duty as a demo stand.  Objects on the 'table' are, left to right,...
Folks in the crowd watching Paul Hamler's demo. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 120
Paul Hamler Demo'ing:   Crucible furnace is open and preparing to remove the crucible and its charge. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 127
Paul Hamler Demo'ing:  Preparing to pour the charge from crucible into the vacuum flask/mold. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 129
Paul Hamler demo'ing. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 130
The end result of a lot of work.  The rough cast of thumbnail sized Romansque faces.  The item is actually upside down in the photo.  The right hand...
John Denton, easily recognizable by his always colorful shirts, presenting his talk on Bob Loveless and Loveless Knives. 
GCKG 2012 Summer 32   ...
The John C Poythress Scholarship Knife by Dennis Bradley.  Blade 440-C, white Corian handle, the GCKG name, logo scrimshaw and sheath by Dennis....
Warren Glover holding the John C Poythress Scholarship Knife, with maker Dennis Bradley, that he got to take home! 
GCKG 2012 Summer 39  Photo by...
Welcome our newest Guild members!   
L-R:  Tim Spry, Dale Kilby and Jesse Crump 
Welcome aboard fellows!  Glad to have you with us! 
GCKG 2012...
Becky Hensley and Larry McEachern's wife. 
Photo by James Mitchell 
GCKG 2012 Spring 01
New member Brian Sorensen left, and Dylan Fletcher, right, talking 
Photo by James Mitchell 
GCKG 2012 Spring 02
New member Luke Snyder, center with red/black shirt; Dan Moye to Luke?s right and Wayne Hensley at the bandsaw. 
Photo by James Mitchell 
GCKG 2012...

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