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First year
1572D5AB 2B91 4FBF A05D E0BE363DB941
64C054B6 C11E 446D 8115 98DC2AB4DF39
2EC42D9A 219F 4FB3 B60F DC231C6DFDDD
0FB490FC ED3C 4CCD 8811 01FBC41FA7C3
4F6F7748 E918 44BF 8619 6B668B975B7B
19EB5F88 0F70 4EBF 8BFE B4469CE59065
68CECC3A FAC4 4F21 939C 955E1EC16EB3
99281F4F 44E2 4BE9 82D1 9D2043357114
DBB8F225 CF06 4E5F A1A9 AA2783F935BB
FF320BFE 06FB 4AC1 B34A 81227A5EBEDE
B0CA28B9 F6F6 44ED 9477 A95C2CD19027
ACC0801E A860 4ADD 939F DBA02AD9FDAF
4FB1BBBB 367D 4058 AB3A E2FCB9AF6131
1E0B6658 E6ED 4B66 97C4 2F88CCFBB72A
02BF7E01 7D2F 4C8B B462 DA31ABCC6934
E3EDC8C9 5A3E 47AD 9A50 5E67564732EE
E2545C24 24D6 4A73 BF3F 1D0F7F2E9532
6DE16AF8 4E1A 411B 8DED 24E5A82CA0D7
03C913F6 182F 44DD 97F7 5501DA987357
9859626B 7D0F 41FF B6A6 E0B4D8E48D1F
77F2AE58 5D58 4A56 BF1A 96AB832B35E5
E2485F01 E94E 411A BE26 6EF2E4D941DC
F24C1E0C 4242 4F22 9EB1 29BDC8CDF814
D1F356E1 3AE7 4B71 8C87 B41BB7B429F3
E771A7DD 2C49 49B8 86D4 79979FF447CA

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