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Swords and Daggers
Five swords and two parrying daggers (main gauche) I have made so far...
Hollow ground dagger1
Damascus dagger2
Wire Hilt Dagger 2
Wire Hilt Dagger 1
Wire Hilt Main Gauche 5 
Although held in the left, off-hand for both defense as well as offense, the main gauche was carried on the right body side...
Wire Hilt Main Gauche 12 
This dagger is styled after a German wire-hilt off-hand weapon from the 16th century. As a result of improving technology...
new marble dagger 8
Marble Dagger 1
new marble dagger 5
new marble dagger 3
new marble dagger 2
swept hilt rapier and main gauche
Main Gauche close up
duelling sword hilt. design based on a 14th century drawing by Johannes Talhofer
10thy century longsword "Zwimanis"
Swept hilt rapier, 10th century zwimanis, early rapier, Talhofer's duelling sword, and 11th century Italian long sword
Main Gauche. "Companion" piece to the early rapier
Early Rapier
Early Rapier

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